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Ark Academy exists to Maximize God-given Potential
A bridge from short-term, small thinking to eternal, infinite reward

Ark Academy Taipei 成立於 2020 年,位於信義安和社區,是一個以基督為中心的英語小學和協會支持的學齡前共學團體(計劃到 2024-2025 年擴展到初中和高中)通過成熟和創新的方式為家庭提供服務蒙特梭利和阿克頓學院等方法。

Ark 希望學習者以最重要的方式通過快樂、健康、加速的學習來追求世界級的卓越和在基督和社區中的親密關係:學會學習,學會做事,學會做人。

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Founders' Welcome Letter

Dear Families,

We warmly welcome you to Ark Academy Taipei!

In 2019, we started looking around for a school for our oldest daughter and soon found there wasn't a super ideal choice that could blend Christ-centered, healthy, joyful learning with Christ-glorifying, world class excellence, and one that felt realistically in touch with where the future is going.

Why Ark?

Christ the Redeemer

Christ-Centered in the Modern World

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Capable & Caring Staff and Acton Guides


Immersive English Environment with Grounded, Hybrid Local & International Culture

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New & Safe Facilities, including Top University Sports Facilities

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Pursuit of Excellence via Proven Methods in Montessori and Acton Academy

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Intentional, Christ-Centered Community of Families & Staff

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Ark Academy Taipei at a Glance

Intro Video to Ark's preschool age association run learning playgroup:

Intro Videos to our American school system, Acton Academy:

Acton Academy in the Media:

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Contact Us


No. 270-1, Wenchang Street

DaAn District, Taipei City


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 5:30 pm

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