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Mission, Vision & Values
Our vision isn't only to create the best Christ-centered learning community in Taiwan, but the best learning communityl in Taiwan that happens to be Christ-centered...


Ark Academy's Mission

Maximize God-given Potential

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to accelerate the development of Christ-centered education and learning community towards becoming the best, most desirable, and most widespread form of education and learning community for families in both the Christian community and the wider community in Taiwan alike.

We believe that our biggest opportunity is to invest great faith in God ("going all in") and partner with Him and a world class team and community that He provides, guides, and empowers to build a healthy, world class, Christ-centered, and superior results producing culture, such that the culture itself will attract increasing numbers of families to "immigrate" into this shared community and culture to further accelerate their own growth and learning.

Our shorter term focus: Building a world class, Christ-centered, hybrid local-international culture and team, that then produces a top-tier, English language, learning institution and community, that then produces visibly superior results in our Learners both spiritually (faith, character, healthy and wise mindset and relationships in Christ) and academically and practically (language, core skills, critical thinking, and strength in communication, collaboration, and creativity). 

Our longer term focus: Developing a wider diversity of Christ-centered learning communities, sharing the same core culture that can produce superior results, that become the best custom fitted learning environment for their respective communities all over Taiwan (whether these schools are English language or Chinese, whether they are higher-end and richly resourced, or more cost efficient and accessible to the widest community).

Our Values

Jesus at the Center of It All

Inseparably Pursuing Christ and Excellence

Accelerating Maturity in Christ and Discovery of God-given Gifts, Passions, and Calling

Partnering with Families

Cultivating Deep Community

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