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Building blocks of our association run playgroup
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Caring, Capable, Christ-centered Staff

Our community has a unique blend of early childhood education professional capability and experience, as well as missionary and pastoral heart and Bible & ministry school backgrounds

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Full English Immersion that's Proven to Work

Many of our families join without any English speaking background. Before their children get ready for elementary school, they develop near perfect fluency in English (while maintaining and growing their fluency in Chinese as well)

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Montessori to build up Interest-based Learning, Focus & Independence

With our dual focus of English fluency development and Montessori learning, we invest two days of the week in Montessori learning. We also add in more intentional focus on English, Math, and Art using other proven curriculum including Singapore Math and US Christian School Curriculum Abekah.

Sunday School

Daily Worship & Bible Stories

Our families believe in the great potential of our children to encounter God through worship, Bible stories, and overall community of healthy role models and peers. At Ark, we continually point back to Christ as the center of our learning and lives.

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Safe & Compliant,
New & Clean Facilities

Recently renovated (2021) for both safety/compliance and overall hygiene and comfort.

Children in Playground

Outdoor Play at Nearby Park

Nearby park with safe and spacious areas provide much needed outdoor exposure for our families.

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Ark's Preschool Age Learing Playgroup

Love God, Love People, Love Learning

Our focus for our association run playgroup is simple: safely, healthily have as much fun as possible through loving God, loving people, and loving learning. Our vision for learners in our community is a rapid acceleration in their feeling loved and loving God and people, a natural curiosity, a fluent English ability, and a general love for learning, ability to self learn.

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