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Meet Our Advisors
Education, Family Ministry, and Marketplace Leaders in our community who guide and support us with their prayers and advice...

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Professor Wang 王鳳敏

Prof. Wang currently serves as a leader in the Ministry of Education for Taiwan and Taipei City government, in addition to teaching on education and training teachers. In addition, she is a passionate supporter for Christ-centered education efforts all over Taiwan.


Professor Wang completed her masters and PhD studies in New York and California at U.C. Santa Barbara.

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Pastor Owen Lei & Dr. Winnie Sea

Pastor Owen and Dr. Winnie serve at Taipei 101 Church pastoring and leading the Young Adult and Family Ministries respectively.


Prior to moving their family of four to Taiwan, they served young students and couples for over ten years at a Chinese American church in Irvine, California.

Today, they are dedicated to building healthy and intimate marriages, as well as healthy relationships between parents and children.


Beyond their local church ministry, they also have a passion for serving disadvantaged groups and prison ministries through short term missions in Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Taiwan Hualien. Pastor Owen and Dr. Winnie's two sons attend Ark Taipei: An Acton Academy.

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Seth Dahl

Seth is a leading Christian speaker on parenting, as well as author of "Win-Win Parenting" and other books. Seth has over 15 years of children's ministry and parenting ministry experience, including previously heading up the children's ministry at Bethel Church.


Seth and his family are based in Austin, Texas, and his children are also part of the Acton Academy school network (the same network and system of schools as our elementary school, Ark Taipei: An Acton Academy).

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Pastor Jireh & Chai Lee

Pastor Jireh is the Family Pastor at The Hope, overseeing the Hope Kids ministry in addition to ministering to young families.


Previously, Jireh served as a core leader and pastor at Bread of Life International, as well as a full-time missionary serving with a Tokyo-based church ministry. In his earlier days, Jireh studied design in Australia and worked in Singapore.


Chai is currently the General Manager of Uber Eats Taiwan, previously graduated from the Harvard Business School, and studied across diverse international schools as a younger student.


Pastor Jireh and Chai have two sons, and one of them is activitely y part of our playgroup, while another one will join soon. 

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Jeff & Laura Sandefer

Jeff and Laura are advisors to Ark 's elementary school program: Ark Taipei: An Acton Academy.


Jeff and Laura are the co-founders of Acton Academy, a school system and network of 300+ schools worldwide, as well as the Acton MBA program, both of which are headquartered in Austin, Texas.


Prior to founding Acton Academy, Jeff was the founder and CEO of Sandefer Capital, an oil investment fund with over $1B AUM, as well as a graduate of the Harvard Business School.

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Pastor Johannes & Celine

 Johannes and Celine are also the co-founders of Nothing Hidden Ministries Taiwan, bringing the popular conference-workshops  "Love After Marriage" and "Single Life Workshop" to Taiwan in collaboration with different churches in Taiwan, including Banner Church, Bread of Life, Every Nation Taipei, and others.


Pastor Johannes is also the lead pastor of the Chinese speaking congregation at Every Nation Taipei, as well as an author of two books written for the Christian community "改變自己:權柄關係中的受傷與恢復" and "我們與相愛的距離:戰勝情慾,奪回真愛."  

Joseph & Gloria Cheng

Joseph and Gloria met in Alpha ministry in Shanghai in 2005, and got married in 2012; since then they started home group discipleship for 5 years for post-Alpha graduates in Shanghai. They moved to Taiwan in Dec. 2020, after spending three years working and living in Hong Kong.

Joseph was born in Malaysia and is the third generation Christian, with a family heritage of walking with God in daily life. He has been studying, working and living in Malaysia, Thailand, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. With 27+ years retail management experience, Joseph has taken several leadership roles in multinational companies, and currently leading Apple retail team in Taiwan. He fluently speaks 4 languages and 4 dialects.


Gloria was born in Shanghai, and has 17 years corporate cross-culture working experience in Sales & Marketing and Human Resources Management. As a Certified Professional Co-active Coach from CTI (The Co-active Training Institute), she started to practice behavior coaching in 2010 on developing leadership capabilities for middle to senior level talent in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as for young professional in their personal and career life.


Their delight is to witness people deepening their relationship with God and souls being transformed by the love, relationship, and the Word of God. Joseph and Gloria's son is acitively partcipating in our playgroup.

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