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A Learner Driven School with 14 years of proven experience and 300+ school locations worldwide

Acton Academy's school system spans elementary, middle and high school programs with graduates that have gone on to top universities (UC Berkeley, University of Virginia, The New School / Parsons, Vanderbilt, etc.) and exciting careers and entrepreneurial paths.

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Sunday School

Daily Worship &
Christ-like Character Development

We start the morning with worship where we explore different attributes of God and our relationship with Him. Throughout the day, we have "Character Call Outs" designed to encourage Learners to recognize and praise healthy, kind Christ-like character in one another.


English Environment with Accelerated Chinese Learning

While our learning environment is fully English speaking, we have a blend of native and non-native speakers all accelerating towards English fluency. In addition, we have a uniquely efficient learning strategy to build Chinese reading and writing capability as well. Our vision for Ark learners is to be fully bilingual in English and Chinese, as we value the widest access to opportunities this affords.

Schoolboy Using Tablet

Healthy & Accelerated Learning in Core Skills

Without any homework, we see our Learners advancing in thei rcore subjects (Math, Reading, etc.) at 1.5-2x speed versus the traditional grade year. We love seeing their God-given potential fully expressed, without the stress and workload. This natural acceleration happens via a superior blended learning approach:1) innovative, personalized learning software, 2) peer-to-peer encouragement, 3) gamification with rewards, and 4) the support of our Guides.


Excellence in health and fitness program and facilities

We value the health of the whole person - mind, body, spirit. We take our physical exercise facilities to the next level thanks to sports facilities at Bei Yi University, a nearby top medical university.


Critical Thinking, Listening & Communication

Inspired by Harvard Business School (our school system founder's alma mater), every morning and afternoon we host unique Socratic Discussions where Learners are prompted to think deeply about nuanced topics, take positions, listen with open minds, and communicate their own positions with reasoning.

Modern Classroom

Real world problem solving, projects, experiences

Our schedule is built around 5-6 week "Quests" where Learners work as a team to tackle real world oriented projects together


Ark's Elementary School Program at a Glance


Ark's physical education program leverages nearby Bei Yi Medical University campus for top tier, modern sports facilities in a safe and supervised environment.

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