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Leadership & Administration

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Marianne Deng

Co-founder, Head of School

Marianne previously worked as a film actress in Seoul, Taipei, and Beijing, and has a B.A. in International Affairs & Economics from George Washington University.

Marianne's earlier education experience included local public elementary school at Tianmu Public Elementary School, as well as middle and high school at Taipei American School.

Marianne comes from a family of educators across earlier education, Biblical ministry, and modern medical education.

Marianne and David are parents to five young children that are all a part of Ark's learning community.

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David Liu


David previously worked as a tech startup founder/CEO in LA, San Francisco, Taipei, and finally in Beijing in partnership with HTC China, and later on developed a small US-Taiwan real estate investment partnership that has been operating since 2015.

David began his undergraduate studies at UCLA at the age of 16 (which enabled him to invest more time to freely explore extracurricular experiences, e.g. short term ministry school internship programs and campus church planting, or taking time off to start a Silicon Valley tech startup in the Bay Area) and graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication.

David comes from multiple generations of professional educators serving in both Taiwan and US including public school teachers, professors, and administrators. 

Albee Chuang

Head of Operations

Albee, an educator with 8+ years of experience, has worked at various pre-schools and cram schools in Taiwan.

Albee adores children, displaying immense patience and innovative teaching methods. Her dedication to education stems from a belief that it forms the foundation for changing the world. Bringing her 8+ years of teaching to Ark, she aspires to witness children grow spiritually, realize their potential, and become the individuals God created them to be.

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Teri Cua 

Business Administrator

Teri has a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics and Social Development from National Cheng Chi University. She brings broad experiences from her degree, as well as her position as lead behavioral technician for children with autism, and a youth outreach coordinator for her local church. 

Teri is equipped with a unique blend of strategic planning, interpersonal skill, and heart for the next generation which she uses to facilitate organizational efficiency and excellence, and cultivate Ark’s unique, Christ-centered culture. 

Beyond her role as Business Administrator at Ark, Teri enjoys running and playing volleyball.

Preschool Learning Playgroup Teachers

ReEnna Morgan

Head Teacher / XiaoZhong Class Lead Teacher

ReEnna brings over a decade of dedicated experience and a comprehensive educational background to her role as Head Teacher for the K1-K2 class at Ark Academy. Her professional journey encompasses diverse landscapes, including international teaching experiences and collaborative ventures with educational institutions.

ReEnna played pivotal role in spearheading a curriculum program at a language school in Europe, where her innovative methodologies in early childhood education were celebrated. 

As a mother of three, she brings empathy and insight to her classroom, navigating child development with compassionate discipline. Grounded in her Christian faith, ReEnna is dedicated to fostering both academic and spiritual growth in her students, guiding them on a journey towards understanding God's love and grace. Her holistic approach reflects her commitment to shaping hearts and minds at Ark Academy.

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Mati Liu

Yo-Yo Class Lead Teacher

Mati Liu is a passionate and energetic teacher who loves to work and interact with children. She has dedicated herself to create and develop fun and dynamic English courses to grow students' interests in learning English. Over the past 8 years she has been working with preschool/kindergarten children. Mati is also good at communication and has organizational abilities to help children achieve academic goals. 


Mati has also taught for ten years in Sunday school, this helps her in developing extraordinary care and patience towards children. She’s looking forward to working and learning in the big family of Ark.

Vilma Awa-ao

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Vilma Awa-ao is a dedicated educator with a solid foundation in education, holding a Bachelor of Education Studies degree from the esteemed University of the Philippines. Additionally, she is a licensed professional teacher in her country of origin.

With a decade of experience, Vilma has passionately imparted knowledge to children in diverse settings, including schools and church environments. Her journey includes a pioneering experience in establishing a Kindergarten school, showcasing her innovative approach to early childhood education.

Collaborative by nature, she thoroughly enjoys working with a team to create a nurturing and inspiring environment for both educators and students alike.

Eva Huang

Yo-Yo Class TA

Eva Huang, inspired by her parenting experience, discovered a passion for early childhood development and education. With five years of dedicated learning, she holds Assistant Teacher certifications from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) for ages 0 to 3 and 3 to 6.

Aligned with the Montessori philosophy, Eva values each child as a unique individual, forming the cornerstone of her educational approach. Bringing this mindset to Ark, she aspires to create a diverse and enriching learning environment, committed to respecting individual differences and collaborating with families. Eva looks forward to witnessing children's flourishing growth at Ark, guiding them toward independence, compassion, and creativity.

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Bernade Tseng

Yo-Yo Class TA

Bernade loves children and has a heart for kingdom culture and community building.


She graduated first year of BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) in 2020 and also got training in ShengPei (Bread of Life’s Bible School) in 2013-2014.  She has worked as an instructor for multiple English language and Montessori schools in Taipei and has more than 13 years of teaching experiences.  She served as a Teaching Assistant at Taipei American School for three years. 


Bernade brings skills, experience and heart for educating and pastoring children with her pursuit in God’s presence and love for people.

Elementary School Program

Amy Shaofen Spriggs

Acton Guide

Masters, New York University and former teacher in a wide range of public and private schools in Taiwan. Formerly worked as a journalist at a media startup.

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